What Lockdown Taught us ?

Lockdown!, I heard this word 1st time in the month of March 2020. Trust me I never know about it. Lockdown started and everything got changed suddenly, in one night. My wife asked me to buy essentials, whatever possible from shops. My Godness, line, rush outside of shops! Shopkeeper selling the items at higher prices.

Lockdown made many husbands a very good cook. Helping wife is the compulsory rule in lockdown. CAKE become the special LOCKDOWN RECEIPE. Many families cooked varieties of dishes, food, sweets. Myself I cooked paneer tikka, jalebi-fafda at home. I also tried to learn circle chapatis, but in vain.

I really appreciate those people & families, who distributed the food to other needy people. Since earning of lakh of people were stopped. It’s a great job to help others, especially in such a time of need. 

Daily increasing covid infection figures were really scary. 


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